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  • Mar
    How to make LED use longer?
    When someone asks if the LED will lose its brightness one day? There is no doubt that this is true. It is like a mobile phone that has a low battery and shuts down, but the difference is that the mobile phone is out of power. We can charge it to restart the mobile phone, but the LED is not the same.
  • Jun
    Mingfa Tech launches lighter than 15-30% LED heat sink kit spotlights -Nature Lighting housing
    Following last week's waterproof and anti-glare lighting kit Soak Lighting housing series, this week, Mingfa Tech continues to launch the new Nature Lighting housing series, which is also a complete accessory kit with LED heat sink body and PSU mounting shrapnel. The fluxes range from 300 Im to 800
  • Mar
    Taiwan customers came to Mingfa Tech headquarters for business visits
    On March 28th, 2019, the business manager of Jaro Taiwan Branch Mr. Terry Zhang, the engineer manager Mr. Chris Xu and Quality Assurance Mr. Perry Chen visited the Mingfa Tech headquarters. They were deeply impressed by Mingfa Tech's advanced heat dissipation technology and quality assurance. Taiwan customers expressed great expectation for further cooperation with Mingfa Tech.
  • Apr
    What factors affect LED lighting?
    LED light is a new type of lighting fixture. Compared with traditional light source, LED lighting has the characteristics of small size, energy saving, long life, high brightness and environmental protection. It is widely known for its energy saving and intelligent lighting solutions. According to t
  • Feb
    Mingfa Tech uses new concepts to promote corporate culture
    Starting from February 15th, 2019, Mingfa Tech had customized its own morning meeting for its employees under its mission of “Mingfa Tech’s cooling technology makes lighting cool”.
  • Jan
    The Spring Festival is coming
    How time flies! Our Spring Festival which is the most important festival in China is approaching. From Jan.31st to Feb.12th , we will celebrate it during this period but you may leave your message to or call your direct contact in Mingfa Tech if you have something urgent to ge
  • Jun
    Corporate League Building | As dear to each other as members of one family
    In order to enable the Mingfa team to fully relax after the intense work, promote team communication, strengthen team culture and enhance team cohesion. On June 1 st, 2019, Mingfa Tech organized an outdoor picnic in a pure land outside Shuilian Mountain to experience the charm of nature, relax and r
  • Dec
    Study on heat dissipation in LED package
    the introductionIn the LED industry chain, the upstream is LED substrate chip and substrate production, the middle for LED chip design and manufacturing production, the downstream for LED packaging and testing, research and development of low thermal resistance, excellent optical characteristics,
  • Nov
    LED heat dissipation design in 5 ways
    Generally speaking, according to the way of taking heat away from the heat sink, the heat sink can be divided into active heat dissipation and passive heat dissipation. So-called passive cooling, refers to through the heat sink to heat source, the LED light source as natural heat into the air, the
  • May
    LED heat dissipation solution for lamps
    Heat dissipation solution for LED lamps LED offers exciting design opportunities, and all the talk about it is often hampered by the words: heat management. "When incandescent bulbs can consume heat through radiation, LED produce almost no infrared heat." "Said Michael Gershowitz, director of techno
  • Mar
    Things You Should Know About LED Thermal Solution
  • Mar
    Finding the Best Heatsink LED
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