Things You Should Know About LED Thermal Solution

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If you know even a little bit about LEDs function, you must be aware that most of the electricity in an LED is converted into heat rather than light. If this heat is not removed, LEDs work at high temperature which lowers the efficiency of LEDs and make them less reliable.

Different approaches are taken to maintain a low junction temperature to keep LED in good condition. There are three prime means of heat transfer – conduction, convection, and radiation . The majority of the heat produced is conducted via the back side of the chip. Heat is generated by the electrical energy which was not converted to useful light and transferred to outside through a long path.

Some passive thermal designs ensure good LED thermal solution . Let us get to know about them.

Heat sink

Heat sinks provide an outlet to heat from LED source to outside atmosphere. Heat sinks can dissipate power in three different ways – conduction, convection, and radiation.

Depending upon the performance, heat sinks come in different varieties as below:

eLED coolers

They are provided with oval appearance designs and installing holder. Wavy fins present in the product increase the surface area for better heat dissipation. The thermal wattage of eLED is 10%-15% higher than normal heat sinks.

xLED coolers

They consist of holes on their top for locking wires. Wavy fins designs have been provided to improve cooling area. In addition, xLED coolers contain side fins that can be drilled with holes. Additional solid bottom plate enhances the overall performance.


BuLED coolers are standard cold forging heat sink, but they contain extra side holes for installing holder, drive or fan. Their features include – adapter MR16LED modules, High CRI, and more concentrated lighting. BuLED coolers are compatible with more 20 COB brands covering 85% module.


GooLED coolers

This heat sink variety is compatible with more than 20 COB brands and covers approximately 100% of modules. They are 15% high efficient for heat dissipation and use AL – 1070 material with 30% lighter weight and highly efficient heat dissipation. Customized holes are provided in the bottom and side of the plate for special design.


SimpoLED coolers

They consist of screw holes that can be drilled on the bottom and side. Fan, drivers and other parts can be installed on the top of it if required. SimoLED is made of AL-6063-T5 material by extrusion.


For this reason, thermal management of high power LEDs is an immense potential area for research and development.