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1. Does MingfaTech offer OEM manufacturing services besides its own R&D in LED coolers?

Yes, we also provide the customers with OEM manufacturing services for LED accessories besides our own R&D on LED thermal solutions! Actually, we also welcome ODM projects because we have a strong design&engineering team for this area, they have profound know-how and rich experience in LED lighting industries. 

Our long-term partners are mainly from America, Europe and Pacific Asia, who are solid state lighting manufactures so they always huge demand on our designed standard LED heat sinks and LED light fittings or custom parts by plastic injection molding, aluminum extruding, die casting or cold forging, etc. In short, we have the capability in R&D and for OEM / ODM projects simultaneously.


2. I'm looking for all LED commercial lighting accessories. Can you help me source them if your facility can’t produce them directly?

We are dedicated in R&D and supply on LED coolers but we can also help the clients outsource LED lighting accessories such as LED reflectors, LED connectors, LED housings, LED drivers and so on. 

Besides our R&D capability and the production in-house regarding the precision metal parts and plastic parts, we actually have many years of experience in the supply chain management. We are an ideal outsourcing partner for your company to help source and the purchase of LED lighting products that you are targeting to buy from the certified OEM manufacturers and wholesale suppliers in the whole China. Our headquarter is located in Dongguan City where is the global hub of manufacturing LED lighting products so we have the advantages in doing this job by our professional team. For more information, please submit a request for quotation (RFQ) , or contact our friendly support team for support! 


3. Can you make custom fixtures, or sell LEDs off star boards?


Yes, we can produce custom fitures or sell LEDs off star boards if the customers request us to offer such services

although we mainly focus on LED thermal solution.


4. What happens if I am missing an item in my package?


We will communicate with you to see what happened and find the root course for the issue.

The missing item will be replaced if the responsibility is on Mingfa Tech's side.


5. Do you offer wholesale pricing?


Yes,we have established a lot of distribution relationships around the world.

Our distributors were offered wholesale pricing based on quantities of each item.


6. What are your shipping costs?


Generally, we work with our partners on basis of Ex-works. Some by CIF Port or FOB Port. 

So the shipping cost will be calculated as per the delivery terms agreed by Mingfa Tech and clients.


7. What Payment Methods Do You Accept?

Normally the alternative payment methods are T/T, PayPal. 

1).T/T full payment upon order confirmation or PI release. 

2). For small amount less than than USD100.00, we accept PayPal payment.