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Our Stories

Mingfa Tech focused on LED heat sink design and manufacture, seeking distributors globally       2016-2-2

New release of MR16 light accessory    2015-11-26
This model can be compatible with more than 20 types of LED COB brands, suitable for 5W-15W LED COB. Most importantly, it has better beam-focusing and more aesthetic appearance. So I’d like to recommend to you. Attached the image and technical data sheet for your reference, hope it will be helpful for your projects. I am sure that it is enough attractive and will have a great market.

Luminus certified Mingfa Tech as its ecosystem’s LED thermal solution partner    2015-9-30
Luminus has certified Mingfa Tech as its ecosystem’s LED heat sink supplier. Mingfa Tech is one of the few who focus on the best LED thermal solution for all LED manufacturers in high-end solid state lighting, especially commercial lightings — designing and making passive and active LED coolers perfectly suitable for worldwide famous LED COB brands. With this strategic partnership establishment, the customers who use LUMINUS LED modules could gain the most professional LED thermal management from Mingfa Tech to help them go into a new era of their business development.

Lumileds certified Mingfa Tech as LED cooler supplier     2015-9-30
LumiLeds certified Mingfa Tech as its ecosystem’s LED cooler supplier on 26th, July 2015. From that on, Mingfa Tech has worked as a Lumileds’ strategic partner to provide the clients who use Lumileds LEDs with the best thermal solutionsn with options of more than 40 types. Here is the snapshot about some Mingfa Tech’s LED heat sinks approved by LumiLeds.

Bridgelux certified Mingfa Tech as LED heat sink supplier  2015-9-30
Bridgelux certified Mingfa Tech as an accredited LED heat sink supplier in August of 2015. With this strategic partnership setup, all clients who use Bridgelux LEDs have a new and better options for resolving their LED thermal management for the high-end solid state lighting designs. Mingfa Tech is convinced better LED cooling designs bring more value in LED lightings.

More LED coolers certified by Xicato   2015-8-9 
Mingfa Tech, the leading LED heat sink provider today announced to enter a new stage of strategic cooperation with Xicato. Mingfa Tech offers a wide range of LED coolers including star led heat sinks, pin fin led heatsinks for Xicato XSM, XLM, XTM and XIM modules. It has been certified by Xicato as a LED thermal solution partner over 5 years. Nowadays three more series of heatsinks were approved by Xicato in the past six months of 2015. Xicato has given XSA numbers for the certified LED heat sinks and simple specs are as follows...


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