How to make LED use longer?

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When someone asks if the LED will lose its brightness one day? There is no doubt that this is true. It is like a mobile phone that has a low battery and shuts down, but the difference is that the mobile phone is out of power. We can charge it to restart the mobile phone, but the LED is not the same. When the life is exhausted, we can only replace the LED lights. Is there any way to make this day later? Choosing MingfaTech cooling technology, so that the LED light life can be greatly extended.

LED light source

Because LED light adopt the way of solid light source, their life mainly depends on solid LED light source and driving heat dissipation part. With the continuous development of LED technology and the widespread application of technology, the driving and heat dissipation are also basically ideal. At present, the life of LED market light source has reached more than 100000 hours, almost 10-50 times of that of ordinary halogen spotlight.

LED heat dissipation

The reason is the same as the CPU in the computer: the normal service life of the CPU is more than ten years. But if it is installed on the computer, if there is no fan on the CPU, it can take up to ten minutes, or even a few minutes, the computer will freeze and it may burn the CPU. LED light is also a problem. Heat is the deadly enemy of LEDs and is very sensitive to temperature. In addition to converting this "excess energy" into light energy, a part of it is actually converted into heat energy, so the power density on LED chips is very high. Increased thermal energy will cause LED light to emit light unevenly, which will also shorten the life when the allowable ambient temperature of the LED light is exceeded.

The heat sink directly determines the life and quality of the LED equipment, and the EtraLED heat sink is a heat sink approved by customers for many years to ensure the basic life of the LED. Without the support of heat dissipation technology, no matter how good the LED design is, it is also an air tower.

The left-handed design and right-handed technology create Mingfa Tech brand high-quality heatsinks to solve the heat dissipation problem of LED light for our customers. Which one has the strongest comprehensive ability? The first to launch the EtraLED heatsink series. Click the following website choosing the right heatsink is the fundamental solution to increase the life of the LED light.