Corporate League Building | As dear to each other as members of one family

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In order to enable the Mingfa team to fully relax after the intense work, promote team communication, strengthen team culture and enhance team cohesion. On June 1 st, 2019, Mingfa Tech organized an outdoor picnic in a pure land outside Shuilian Mountain to experience the charm of nature, relax and release pressure.




Never admit being defeated

Also on behalf of the Mingfa Tech team's struggling attitude

Like this heavy hurdle

Step by step

Let's go through it step by step


Hoarse for the honor of the team

Encourage each other for the honor of the team

Just like in the case of a project that is more difficult

Just pull together

Concentrate the power of all

Strong opponents are also pulled down





Smoke curling up from kitchen chimneys, and the partners worked together to prepare the dishes and cook the pot.

Many colleagues are skilled in cooking, and the whole venue is full of fragrance.

Singing and laughter linger in the air

We talked about all kinds of interesting things we met in our work and life.

It's happy and tireless.

Blowing the comfortable wind in the countryside,

In the warm sunshine of summer,

It's really a pleasant living.






In the team

Some are culinary masters

Some are newbies

Learn from each other's cooking experience

Want a rich lunch

Both division of labor and cooperation are needed, and each shows its own magic power.

Further promote mutual communication between teams

Make the relationship between teams more harmonious



Although we all worked hard along the way

They have pulled into each other's distance

Close to each other's hearts

Increased mutual understanding

Let the Mingfa Tech team know better

Unity, Persistence and Treasure

Thank you for your company and support along the way.

Mingfa Tech will serve our customers with more professional and better quality!