Mingfa Tech launches lighter than 15-30% LED heat sink kit spotlights -Nature Lighting housing

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Following last week's waterproof and anti-glare lighting kit Soak Lighting housing series, this week, Mingfa Tech continues to launch the new Nature Lighting housing series, which is also a complete accessory kit with LED heat sink body and PSU mounting shrapnel. The fluxes range from 300 Im to 800 Im. 


Nature Lighting housing uses lightweight, corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy that provides direct access to the ceiling and meets the CE marking, WEEE certification and ROHS directive quality assurance requirements, easily replacing traditional luminaires. At present, Nature's maximum weight is only 240g, which is about 15-30% lighter than the market's equivalent power. Whether it's adults, children or the elderly, it's easy to assemble and feel at ease. Create a new living environment with high-quality cooling solutions to serve LED lighting in every corner.

And divided into two kinds of design:


Flat mouth : Nature-002  


 Oblique mouth: Nature-002X 




Housing Body

Different color reflectors and lenses are designed to provide anti-glare effects.


High carbon spring

The high carbon springs are easy to install and have direct access to the ceiling.


The Heatsink Body

The radiator is made of high-quality 12 aluminum material, aluminum alloy die-casting parts with good heat dissipation effect.

Installation diagram


Where to use?


The first choice for indoor lighting, suitable for a variety of spaces, such as: indoor lighting, commercial lighting, department stores, office environment, etc., . The power consumption can be selected from 5 watts and 10 watts.


 Nature Lighting kits is now on the official website. For product details, please click on the following website to learn more http://www.heatsinkled.com/Nature-series-pl3513945.html .