Mingfa Tech uses new concepts to promote corporate culture

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Starting from February 15th, 2019, Mingfa Tech had customized its own morning meeting for its employees under its mission of “Mingfa Tech’s cooling technology makes lighting cool”. As a platform for employees to learn to grow, show themselves, communicate and communicate, it was also a training platform and communication platform for corporate management talents. It focused on the promotion of corporate brand culture, the management system, the improvement of professional skills, the optimization of mental outlook. Created a healthy, positive, progressive, progressive corporate culture and improve core competitiveness.


Every morning at 8:10, Mingfa Tech gathered in the large conference room to open their morning meeting with the attitude and action of the military. The content included the inheritance of traditional Chinese traditional culture like Tao Te Ching from Taoism, the sharing of industry information, professional training lectures etc. , as well as the introduction of style and corporate culture like the or ientation of “Focusing on LED thermal solution for high-end commercial lighting industry”, and must let employees start a new day with full positive energy.


The launch of this morning meeting not only brought the knowledge and spiritual food to the employees of Mingfa Tech, but also cultivated them to become the all-round elite that prepared for the better, faster and more professional service for the majority of customers.