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Privacy Policy 
MingFa Tech Manufacturing Limited company attaches great importance to the protection of user privacy. 
 This privacy policy goal is to explain when you visit and use the website and related services we may collect data, how will we use these data will be disclosed to third parties, and you use these materials and modify the choice of rights. The privacy policy applies to mingfa tech related the website, other companies or institutions are not applicable to link the ming fa tech website and mingfa tech in the website or other possible through ming fa tech released products. You need to read the website or product itself privacy policy carefully. 
MingFa Tech site visitor information 
 In general, our site will automatically collect visitors such as access times and access frequency information. We can only see these data for statistical purposes. The statistical results will help us determine what part of the user often visit the site, so that we can further improve the user experience for the site. For example, the use of a mingfa tech called  "Cookies"; technology to determine the user how, when and how many times have we visited the site. The Cookies does not collect any personally identifiable information, at the same time, we also cannot be many such information together can identify your personal identity information such as name and email address. We may also provide statistics the information (does not contain any personal information), to our partners, to show them our users is how to use our web site and services . we will not collect your use visited what website. Finally, mingfa tech and its advertising partners and the server may use cookies, " Web Beacon" or " clear GIF" judge our users see the related content (such as advertising, etc.) and react to, but never collect user a The information. 
The information relevant for you 
 We may be in your download and use when we ask you to fill out personal information. We will send you this information for notification, such as new releases that you may be interested in products and services. You can choose whether or not to receive such information in the registration page. 
 We will be able to enhance your browsing experience using the Cookies technology, including records of your personal settings and custom settings and related service information, or for your visit to verify 
 The computer configuration information collection system function, but only when you pass the help menu to be related to the implementation of the action to send information. Author if you choose to send us feedback, this information will be sent to the mingfa tech team, and is used in the following aspects: analyze and solve configuration problems. Download and installation of the stability, improvement of products and related services for the user. This feedback will only be with the email address you use, but not with the other may expose your personal identity information is associated. For security reasons, you have access to the site and add a list of bookmarks website will is stored on your local hard disk. To no you have visited the website of historical information. The mingfa tech sends a privacy policy guarantee applies only to online collection service without the use of the user. In the line of service belongs to the optional service, when you decide to use the optional service, please refer to the corresponding service privacy policy description. 
 During or after setup, you may be asked to certain personal information, this information will be used by the mingfa tech to provide the corresponding service to you. For example, you may be asked to provide your area or post encoding encoding, in order to provide weather forecast service for you. The corresponding area collected the data will not be any can determine your personal identity information is associated. 
 You visit the website, as well as the corresponding advertising pages, have their own privacy policy. The behavior of these websites had nothing to do with mingfa tech. We suggest you before submitting personal information to these sites, first read the instructions provided by other privacy policy. 
Disclose and open 
 We will not be personal name, address information you submit in access and use the mingfa tech website and related services, email address and phone number that is open to third parties or individuals or enterprises. At the same time, as mentioned above, we may be statistical results of these information sharing with our partners. 
MingFa Tech privacy policy changes 
 If we need to change the mingfa tech privacy policy, we will send the relevant changes on this page, so that you can understand what information we collect, how we might use this information and whether we will put this information to third parties. 
If you have questions or comments on this document, you are welcome to contact us.