LED Coolers

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  • Mingfa Tech uses new concepts to promote corporate culture

    Starting from February 15th, 2019, Mingfa Tech had customized its own morning meeting for its employees under its mission of “Mingfa Tech’s cooling technology makes lighting cool”.

  • The Spring Festival is coming

    How time flies! Our Spring Festival which is the most important festival in China is approaching. From Jan.31st to Feb.12th , we will celebrate it during this period but you may leave your message to sales@mingfatech.com or call your direct contact in Mingfa Tech if you have something urgent to ge

  • LED heat dissipation design in 5 ways

    Generally speaking, according to the way of taking heat away from the heat sink, the heat sink can be divided into active heat dissipation and passive heat dissipation. So-called passive cooling, refers to through the heat sink to heat source, the LED light source as natural heat into the air, the

  • LED heat dissipation solution for lamps

    Heat dissipation solution for LED lamps LED offers exciting design opportunities, and all the talk about it is often hampered by the words: heat management. "When incandescent bulbs can consume heat through radiation, LED produce almost no infrared heat." "Said Michael Gershowitz, director of techno