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XSA-38 Xicato XSM XIM LED heat sink H70mm*D70mm

Xicato XSM XIM XTM COB heat sink XSA-38-M3-B-N / XSA-38-M3-C-N
• Designed for Xicato XSM and XIM series - thermal class H
• Xicato accessory reference XSA-38 - Mechanical compatible with XSA-03
• Thermal resistance Rth 2.47°C/W
• Can be foreseen from M2 or M3 mounting holes
• Diameter 70mm base
• Standard height 70mm - other heights on request
• Extruded from highly conductive aluminium
• Standard colors - clear anodised - black anodised
• Other colors and finishings on request  ( all RAL/Pantone colors available )