Why Using Pin Fin Heat Sink For LED Lighting Today

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When it comes to electronic systems, heat sinks act as heat exchangers that help to cool a device by transferring heat on to the medium surrounding it. Heat sinks are also used in computers to cool the CPU, also known as the Central processing unit. This technology is used is LEDs, also known as Light emitting diodes too. Normally, heat sinks are used for any device with an insufficient capability of dissipating heat. 

Heat sinks are created to maximize the device’s surface area and increase the contact of the cooling medium that surrounds it. It is used in many devices nowadays and works excellently with LEDs compared to other techniques. Among the different types of heat sinks, Pin Fin heat sinks are gaining a lot of popularity among people.
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A Pin Fin heat sink is a normal heat sink, but it differs from other heat sinks as it consists of pins that are extended from its base. These pins are in various shapes including elliptical, cylindrical and square shapes. It is the most common heat sink available in the market nowadays. Generally, a heat sink should work better when it has a large surface area, but this is not true in all the cases. The pin fin heat sink works on the concept of packing as much surface area as possible into any particular volume.

One can also find straight fin heat sinks, but Pin Fin heat sinks work better than them as the fluid flows along the pins axially instead of flowing tangentially. The main advantage with Pin fin heat sinks is that they perform in a better manner when they are placed in a tilted position. Compared to other heat sinks, they show a better performance. They are perfect for spot lights that are adjustable and they can also be used for shop lighting and down lighting.

Apart from all this, Pin fin heat sinks are considered as innovation with respect to heat sinks. These are compact sinks that are fabricated with a huge number of pins that are created to provide a lot of air. In addition, these heat sinks are designed and structured geometrically to make them highly effective. They excel when they dissipate the heat from electronic devices with a forced convection. The materials used in any technique makes a huge difference and since these Pin fin sinks are manufactured with the best quality of Aluminum, the process is carried out effectively.

Aluminum possesses a high level of thermal conductivity and it ensures a uniform and rapid distribution of heat at the pin’s base. Pin fin heat sinks made using aluminum perform better than other heat sinks though aluminum is actually light weight. It exhibits better and uniform heat dissipation than other heat sinks, although they are manufactured in the same size. There are numerous experiments conducted to test the ability of pin fin heat sinks and they have been proven to dissipate even heat when compared to other heat sinks. LED Pin Fin Heat Sinks can work on any electronic device, but they are excellent when they are used with LEDs.
When selecting a heat sink, it is necessary to classify the air flow as natural, low flow mixed, or high flow forced convection. Natural convection occurs when there is no externally induced flow and heat transfer relies solely on the free buoyant flow of air surrounding the heat sink. Forced convection occurs when the flow of air is induced by mechanical means, usually a fan or blower. There is no clear distinction on the flow velocity that separates the mixed and forced flow regimes. For spot lighting or track lighting, once the tilting angle designs over 50, the pin fin heat sinks keeps on good heat dissipation than others. As there is no forced air movement, the free air convection cooling is the main component of cooling in this way. Then pin fin LED Cooler got widely used in LED lighting.

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If you are interested to learn more LED Pin Fin Heat Sinks, there is a lot of material available online. Currently, an existing series of GooLED coolers on the shelf can be found in the market.

This article discusses pin fin heat sinks and their advantages compared to other heat sinks.