WILA LED downlight’s perfect heat sink solution

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The product Tentec zono, which was developed and designed by WILA in 2016, has been working on the client for more than 1 year. Its superior product performance and stable working status have been well received by the market. The design of Tentec zono is simple and generous, with a sense of beauty, mainly used in interior scenes, such as hotels, art galleries and high-end shopping malls.
Tentec zono has a very good efficiency, with up to 99 Llm/W; The recessed depth starts at as little as 120 mm and perfect for use with air conditioning ducts, sprinkler or ceiling beams ; Safe Support in Ceilings and quick mounting thanks to multi-point screw fastening; Multi-point screw fastening ensures both quick installation and safe support in ceilings; Additionally, MS-3 mounting technology with safety wire suspension makes for fast replacement of optical attachments without tools when room purposes change.
The various parts of Tentec zono have contributed to its success, and Mingfa Tech's heat sink SimpoLED13540 is an indispensable and important component of it.
The power span of up to 10 times achieved the perfect solution
The basic parameters are as follows:
Diameter (mm) :φ135
Height (mm) :40
Net Weight (g/pcs) :510.0
Thermal Resistance (°C/W) :1.10
Thermal Wattage (W) :45.0
Cooling Performance (lm) :2300-5800
SimpoLED Heat Sinks series products can compatible with more than 20 numbers of LED COB brands; The power span is as high as 10 times: 12.2-120w; Different heights can be customized according to customer requirements. These all easily implement the product function of Tentec zono. In addition, the top and side of SimpoLED can be fitted with threaded holes to increase the product design location needed by customers such as fans and drivers. The application range is very wide. It is important that SimpoLED not only has good heat dissipation performance, but also has a classic and concise design, which is more beautiful. SimpoLED and Tentec zono complement each other which looks more high-end.

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