Things to Know Why xLED and tLED Heat Sinks Are a Great Option

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Heat sinks are among the most important part of LED lighting. They make the path for heat to travel the LED light source to outside elements. The heat sinks are used to absorb and disperse excess heat from the LED diode. They dissipate power. Here’re 3 simple methods how they dissipate power:

1.  By transferring heat from a solid to a solid
2.  By transferring heat from a solid to a moving fluid
3.  By transferring from two bodies at different temperatures through thermal radiation

When excess heat is absorbed and dispersed, active or passive air is circulated around the heat sink that helps cool it. Keep in mind that too much heat damages LED phosphor. And it, further, results to lower light output, change color and drop in life expectancy. Unfortunately, the most common problem related to LED lighting applications stem are too small of a heat sink or none at all.  

To overcome these thermal problems, you need the series of LED heat sinks that include eLED heat sinks, xLED heat sink, tLED heat sink or small finned heat sinks, etc.

Some of the key information about the series of LED heat sinks designed by Mingfa Tech includes the following.

xLED Series

xLED heat sink is mechanically compatible with direct mounting of the LED modules to the LED cooler. The thermal performance matches the lumen packages. The thermal resistance range is Rth 1.1°C/W. The standard size of xLED heat sink is 95mm diameter and 80mm height. However, LED heat sink manufacturers can customize the heights on your request.


xLED heat sink comes with wavy fins, locking wires holes, extra side holes for installing holder, drive or fan and solid plate design.

The two holes on the top are used for locking wires; wavy fins design improves cooling area. The side fins can be drilled and can speed up the heat dissipation with 5mm solid plate.

tLED Series  

Like xLED series, tLed series is also mechanically compatible with direct mounting of the SMD products to the LED cooler and thermal performance matching the lumen packages. This is ideal for street lights, flood lights, and high bay designs from 2500 to 6100 lumen. The thermal resistance range is Rth 1.06°C/W. Usually, the most common size and width of the product include L92-W90-H50mm and 90mm. The size can be modified to meet your needs. In order to ensure optimal thermal performance, the tLED heat sinks don’t come with highly conductive aluminium for optimal thermal performance (AL6063-T5).


tLED Series  is specially designed for down light, spot light with and screen light. It comes equipped with waterproof connectors and is compatible with more than 20 SMD brands. There are 12 self-tapping holes on two sides of fins. Its wavy fins design improves cooling area.

The bottom line is that before placing your order for LED heat sink, make sure to choose a popular and reliable LED heat sink manufacturers that can provide you the right product.