The overall effect of restructuring on the LED lighting market

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22nd, Jan. 2016
Mingfa Tech Manufacturing Limited
What could be the overall effect of this restructuring on the lighting market? IHS believes that the reorganization could turn the leading lighting manufacturers into pure-play lighting companies that can be more focussed on dynamic markets offering greater growth potential. The restructuring will also allow LED makers to raise capital for further investment, and will likewise let them reduce the hierarchal burden associated with being part of a large conglomerate. This, in turn, could lead to improved margins for the companies—and possibly lower-priced products for consumers.
Light no longer provides illumination alone. LED lighting for indoor positioning, for instance, takes things a step further by sending a basic signal to determine position and help in navigation. Li-Fi, competing with the far more established Wi-Fi, now takes the concept to the next level, using visible LED light for high-speed data transmission of material such as movies, music, or any other form of data.
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