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SimpoLED-ADU-160150 for Adura Modular Passive LED Cooler Φ160mm


   SimpoLED-ADU-5870 for Adura Modular Passive LED Cooler Φ58mm

      * The SimpoLED-ADU-160150 Adura Modular Passive LED Coolers are specifically designed for luminaires using the Adura LED engines.

  * Mechanical compatibility with direct mounting of the LED engines to the LED cooler and thermal performance matching the lumen packages.

  * For spotlight and downlight designs from 5500 to 14000 lumen.

  * Thermal resistance range Rth 0.48°C/W.

  * Modular design with mounting holes foreseen for direct mounting of Adura LOB series engines

  * Diameter 160mm - standard height 150mm Other heights on request.

  * Extruded from highly conductive aluminum.