Reasons For Using Pin Fin Heat Sink For LED Lighting

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In the last few years, the electronic system has become more advanced in both designs as well as performance. While talking about semiconductor devices in this series, cooling of devices has become quite important and popular. It is where heat sinks act as a heat exchanger and helps to cool a device by dissipating heat to the surrounding medium. In the case of LED lights, older style heat sinks were found to be insufficient for cooling newer devices. And from here a new genre of heat sink arose i.e. pin fin heat sinks. 

What is pin fin heat sink?


Pin fin heat sink belongs to the new type of heat sink that increases the surface area of the device, thereby maximizing the contact area of the device to surroundings. Used in several devices, this technique works very well in LEDs. Among several types of heat sinks, pin fin heat sinks have gained much popularity. It is similar to a standard heat sink except it comprises of pins that are protracted from the base. These pins come in various shapes – square, cylindrical, elliptical, etc. 

Factors Effecting Performance of Heat Sinks




√  Size – by increasing the size of the heatsink or number of fins, the surface area of the heatsink can be maximized. As the transfer from the device to the surrounding takes place using heat sink, a larger area means readily transmission of heat.
√   Finishing surface area – a high-bay LED heat sinks with painted surface is quite handy in fast dissipation of heat. 
√ Material – the performance of the heat sink is greatly decided by its material. Copper and aluminum are two preferred material of heat sinks as they have high thermal conductivity. In this category, high-bay LED heat sinks are quite popular as they are manufactured with aluminum and give the best lighting. 

Features and advantages



√  Low-pressure drop is the quality of heat dissolving in pin fin module which results in high efficiency of the device
√  Pin fin heat sinks manufactured from aluminum minimize the thermal resistance from the base lights.
√  Low weight LED lights
√  Pin fin heat sinks come with sensitive thermal tapes

Reason to use pin fin heat sinks

Transfer of heat becomes easier

Pin fin heat sinks for LED devices are specially designed with an air pass which uses forced convection to dissipate the heat conveniently. When used in LED lighting devices, it produces bright lights. 

Advanced features

Pin fin heat sinks are known for their cooling capacity. So when used in lighting devices, it gives out adequate light devoid of any heating effect.
Conclusion – Now you must have understood the role of the heat sink in LED lighting devices. Next time, when you purchase LED lights, keep the quality of heat sinks in mind. Choose the best product and illuminate your house.