One LED Heat sink for all branded COB modules?

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Mingfa Tech is an LED thermal solution leading provider who was certified as LED cooling partner of top LED brands like Bridgelux, Xicato, LG, Seoul, Lumileds etc. 

Mingfa Tech has established many distribution relationships around the world, more than 20 countries, such as UK, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Portugual, USA, Canada, etc., All of our distributors are quite famous, including Melchioni, Batenburg, Sutelco, AduraLED, and so on.




Mingfa Tech has designed and manufactured its own LED cooling products for top LED lighting manufacturers. Mingfa Tech owns the patent for EtraLED heat sink series, which are with self tapping holes for options. All kinds of brand COB leds can be directly mounted with by EtraLED coolers. This perfect solution did also help the client save much time and make it convenient.

led heat sink surface area 
Most properties of an LED depend on the temperature. Not only the luminous flux and therefore the efficiency but also the lifetime, wavelength and the chromaticity coordinates change with temperature. The higher the temperature, the more the properties are influenced negatively. In general, there are three physical mechanisms to transport heat: radiation, conduction and convection. The design of a heat sink has to consider these mechanisms to improve the thermal performance.


In comparison to traditional incandescent lamps the thermal power loss of the LED itself is not radiated and has to be dissipated by thermal conduction from the LED into the applied heat sink. The design of the heat sink has to ensure that the heat is conducted through the material to the surfaces where it is transported to the environment by convection and radiation. Considering a given space available for a heat sink and thus the same surface area of circumference, the special design of the heat sink has a minor impact on the heat dissipation by radiation whereas the heat conduction and convection are effected by the material and the geometry of the heat sink. Thus, the design of a heat sink has to fulfill two aims: good thermal conduction in the heat sink and good thermal convection on its surfaces.






Mingfa Tech’s LED thermal solution can solve the said above problem successfully, especially choosen Mingfa Tech’s EtraLED Heat sink series by clients. Mingfa Tech is always there to provide full technical support when clients need any help for their LED thermal management, with the detailed technical data sheets including but not limited to the following values:
1). The air temperature under which the LED will be lightened up
2). The total of all thermal resistances between the ambient air and the LED junction
3). Total heat that will dissipated in Watts
After having compiled the above mentioned data, the heat sink e-calculators can be used to find out the exact measure of thermal conductivity value of LED heat sink that will be ideal for the clients’ LED lighting system.
Mingfa Tech is very glad to offer standard or custom production service and offer some free technical supports for the long-term partnerships. And Mingfa Tech has no MOQ requirements on its own designed standard products, also Mingfa Tech can finish a small order for standard LED coolers within 7 working days, and within 20-30 working days for a big order (qty more than 10,000pcs).
With the high quality of products, All Mingfa Tech’s clients enjoy 100% Guarantee Satisfaction during cooperation.
Mingfa Tech implements 100% refund policy on samples if unsatisfied by clients.
Mingfa Tech implements 100% free-recall policy for those defective parts if from bulk orders.
Mingfa Tech will refund 100% to clients if they are unsatisfied with Mingfa Tech’s thermal solution advice and provide three more designs free of charge as remedy.
Mingfa Tech will offer extra free samples for clients’ thermal solution purpose if they want after 100% refund.
Mingfa Tech will bear the freight cost (CIF Port) if the agreed lead time was postponed caused by Mingfa 

Tech’s production schedule but without prior notice to clients.





Mingfa Tech accepts order cancellation at any time if clients think the cost ratio is below 100%.
Mingfa Tech accepts order cancellation within 3 days after order confirmed and order update request within 7 days without extra cost.
For the trade terms, Mingfa Tech do the business by EXW, FOB, CIF, and so on. Mingfa Tech can accept payment by T/T, PayPal, ect. The business cooperation method is really flexible from Mingfa Tech..
For those parties that introduced business relationships to Mingfa Tech, they will get following benefits without any limitation:
Mingfa Tech will offer special pricing to those clients who introduced new customers to work with Mingfa Tech
Mingfa Tech will offer free samples (valued about US$100.00) to those clients who introduced new clients to Mingfa Tech
Mingfa Tech will implement refundable policy on samples paid by those clients who introduced new customers to Mingfa Tech
Mingfa Tech will provide full led thermal solution in technical support free of charge no less than 3 times to those clients who introduced new customers to Mingfa Tech
Mingfa Tech will help to speed up the mass production for top-urgent projects without extra cost for those clients who introduced new customers to Mingfa Tech
Mingfa Tech will keep those clients who introduced new customers to Mingfa Tech with the utmost priority in knowing Mingfa Tech’s new development schedule
Mingfa Tech will credit those clients who introduced new customers as a VIP customer who will be offered special services by Mingfa Tech