New release of MR16 light accessory

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New release of 
XSA-389 LED light accessory to replace MR16 fittings by Xicato XTM
This model can be compatible with more than 20 types of LED COB brands, suitable for 5W-15W LED COB. Most importantly, it has better beam-focusing and more aesthetic appearance. So I’d like to recommend to you. Attached the image and technical data sheet for your reference, hope it will be helpful for your projects. I am sure that it is enough attractive and will have a great market.
Features and Benefits:
* XSA-389 LED light accessory includes one LED cooler and one LED housing to be assembled with Xicato XTM LED modules to replace MR16.
* Mechanical compatibility with direct mounting of the LED modules to the LED cooler and thermal performance matching the lumen packages.
* Thermal resistance range Rth 3.7°C/W.
* Xicato Thermal Class E , ( 60° tilt angle, 40°C ambient ) .
* The cooler design with mounting holes foreseen for direct mounting of Xicato XTM Module.
* Heatsink Diameter 48mm - Standard height 50mm , Other heights on request.
* Housing Diameter 50mm - Standard height 50mm , Other heights on request.
* Forged from highly conductive aluminum.
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