Mingfa Tech’s Europe Business visit to help solve the problem of heat dissipation

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30th, Dec. 2015
Mingfa Tech Manufacturing Limited
It goes without saying that professionals, in any industry, want to understand the market in which they sell, and the people who are buying their products or services. They want to know what drives business. So this time Mingfa Tech’s Director of Sales & Operations and Chief Designer had their business trip to Europe in the middle of November and early December 2015 in Europe. They started their trip from Netherlands, then Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Spain, and last station is Greece. Mingfa Tech attaches much importance to maintain and serve customers, and they had this meaningful meeting face to face to know what customers really need, and to provide the first-class service to help solve the problem of heat dissipation.
Actually, this was their first time to visit many customers for nearly a month, their courage is really appreciated. Use Gaius Julius Caesar’s word: “I came, I saw, I conquered.” They did a great success. This visit makes Mingfa Tech and customers more close. Mingfa Tech team had greatly presented Mingfa Tech’s standard LED Coolers (SimpoLED, EtraLED, GooLED, HibayLED, BuLED) and indicated that Mingfa Tech can also do customized projects like die casting, cold forging, aluminum extrusion, etc. What’s more, through the meetings, Mingfa Tech can know what the customers’ real demands. And the customers got to know a whole range of Mingfa Tech’s products and services clearly. They had a deeper understanding of Mingfa Tech and feel confident working with them.
Unexpected information about suppliers’ product or company always comes out when talking to people in person. They learn things about people when they look them in the eyes. They gain trust in them, which increases the trust they have in their own ability to make tough decisions. Thanks to the compelling trip, they got to meet a lot of great people and see some cool places!
Mingfa Tech has been focusing on LED thermal solution since 2009, which was certified by many famous LED cob brands, such as Xicato, Bridgelux, Lumileds, Luminus, LG Innotek, Seoul Semiconductor, and so on. Sincerely treat customers and do best to serve customers in thermal solution is Mingfa Tech’s mission. Mingfa Tech is also looking for distribution relationships for MingfaTech's LED coolers. To know more details, please contact:
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