Luminus certified Mingfa Tech as its ecosystem’s LED thermal solution partner

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Luminus has certified Mingfa Tech as its ecosystem’s LED heat sink supplier. Mingfa Tech is one of the few who focus on the best LED thermal solution for all LED manufacturers in high-end solid state lighting, especially commercial lightings designing and making passive and active LED coolers perfectly suitable for worldwide famous LED COB brands. With this strategic partnership establishment, the customers who use LUMINUS LED modules could gain the most professional LED thermal management from Mingfa Tech to help them go into a new era of their business development.
About Luminus   
Luminus Devices develops and manufactures LED solutions for the global illumination market. Its products provide industry leading performance, reliability and overall value for the multi-billion dollar general lighting market. Luminus’ flat window LEDs are used by many of the world’s largest companies for projection display, entertainment, ultraviolet curing, and other specialty applications. Luminus technology is used in commercial and industrial lighting fixtures, theatrical lighting, projectors, signs, medical equipment, UV curing…
About Mingfa Tech                              
Mingfa Tech , a LED thermal solution leading provider, is located in dongguan, Guangdong, China, who is a certified LED heat sinks supplier of many branded LED modules. Mingfa Tech’s design and supply on star heat sinks and pin fin heat sinks, especially the breaking-through LED cooler series of EtraLED , SimpoLED , GooLED , HibayLED have been helping the clients improve their designs. With the heat dissipation in better efficiency and more aesthetic appearances, substantially making LED in a real sense as well.
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Details on the LED coolers can be found on the specific Lumius LED cooling selection page from Mingfa Tech company website:
Mingfa Tech Manufacturing Limited
Tel :   +86-769-33252828

Head Office:  Suite 901, Block A, Luo Sha Da Sha, Dong Xing Road,
Guan Cheng District,Dong Guan City, Guang Dong Province, 523000 China