LED coolers promotion for Lustrous COBs

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In order to adapt to the market development, Lustrous photoelectric decided to quit the LED COB industry after combining the company's specific situation. As the manufacturer of chip-on-board in the LED industry for many years, its brand value and influence are undeniable, and we give absolute respect when we express regret.
In allusion to its inventory of LED products, Lustrous photoelectric has specifically launched a sales promotion campaign. In order to cooperate with its activities and give back as many customers as possible, MingfaTech has launched a series of preferential schemes.
If you're a Lustrous dealer, if you have inventory of Lustrous sources, if you need a matching LED heat sinks, MingfaTech will be your perfect choice.
Mingfa Tech’s LED coolers are able to match up to 95% of the Lustrous COBs used in down lights, track lights, spot lights and so on -- help you reduce inventory.
Activities in limited time and quantities.
Let you feel the high quality and enjoy the best price.

Buy-give activities:

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Top 10: buy one and give one (check with Mingfa Tech for details)
After 10: buy two give one (check with Mingfa Tech for details)
Design is optional, first come, first served