LED Cooling Solution Brought the Partnership with LG Innotek

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LED Cooling Solution Brought the Partnership with LG Innotek 
At the end of 2014, MingfaTech started to discuss a strategic partnership with LG for LED cooling. Currently, the official relationship between the two parties has set up. Meanwhile, MingfaTech’s three series of LED coolings including star heat sinks and pin fin heat sinks: SimpoLED, EtraLED, GooLED coolers are all approved by LG Innotek. This series of LED coolings are all suitable for LG modules. 
MingfaTech believes the collaborative development with LG will result in a win-win situation for future. With the focus on the research and development of new products by MingfaTech’s creative R&D team, MingfaTech has stepped into becoming the pioneer in the LED cooler markets around the world. 
Mingfa Tech & LG Innotek cooperate in these three series products: 
Traditional star heatsinks with its construction. Its appearance is a simple style well known by all branded LED modules, including LG Innotek. 

Mingfa Tech’s patented LED coolers which were launched just months ago. Breaking through the traditional start heatsinks, EtraLED series with it’s neoteric appearance design. The biggest advantage for EtraLED is you can use one heat sink to fix different kinds of branded LED modules. This can facilitate the LED lighting OEMs for their assembly and cost-saving purpose.
Mingfa Tech’s creative product---Pin fin heatsinks. Comparing to aluminum extrusion star heatsinks, GooLED heatsinks are much lighter in weight and it is a very good option when it comes to the point of less weight but with high efficiency of heat dissipation. Meanwhile, pin fin LED heatsinks can be used on all kinds of branded LED module due to the flexible mounting options. Many lighting designer has realized that the GooLED heatsinks can reduce the total weight of the LED lighting fixtures significantly. 
MingfaTech always welcomes partners to come and join hands with MingfaTech’s group in this great venture. Let’s know if there is any way you can Join us to develop, enhance, add more value, promote our products. Don't be shy if you are a small company or even an individual. Send us your proposal how you think you can join the Mingfa Tech. 
Full details of the Mingfa Tech can be found on  www.heatsinkled.com