Inspired by LED Lights as Top lighting Trend of 2016

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The beginning of New Year 2016 is the perfect time to upgrade the interior decoration of your home. Luckily, you do not need to renovate your home completely only; you can update the lighting system to LED lighting that is in the trend.

You need to know about it!

It is time to move on! The traditional incandescent bulbs are gone because of the introduction of innovative lightening known as is LED light. The manufacturers have shifted to LEDs because these operate on a more energy-efficient technology. Some people wonder why there is need to mandate while using them. The fact is that the LEDs are cheap, and they dim predictably, and also emit a warm and friendly glow.

LED Lightening for Decorative Purpose

The broad range of LEDs offers to light decorative for office, homes, and commercial places. Since LED lighting is becoming standard in various fields, which compacts light in a greater way. These lights are long-lasting, attractive and consume much less power. Also, LEDs provide a very pleasant view of the people. LED lights can be used anywhere; be it a bathroom, study room or even living room.

Focusing On the Advantages

Taking care of the environment of the homes and offices is a responsibility that everyone should feel for on a serious note. Most of us are already aware of current environment conditions that are not too friendly. However, many people are ignorant and cluelessness of new and upcoming technologies that are helpful in using to reduce carbon emissions. The best example of such innovation is LED lighting, which provides many environmental advantages that are discussed below:

Less Light Needed

LEDs have a better quality of light distribution than others and focus light in one direction efficiently as compared to other types of lighting which emit light in all directions if not needed. This concludes that fewer LED lights are desired to achieve the same level of brightness as the fluorescent lamps. LED lights reduce energy consumption to a greater level. 

Energy Efficient

LED lights are up to 80% more efficient than the traditional lighting such as fluorescent. Maximum energy in LEDs is converted to the light and rest is wasted as heat that is relatively very lesser in numbers. Another best thing about the LED lights is that these also draw less power than the traditional lighting bulbs.

Long Life Span

Longer life span means lower carbon emissions. Yes! You guessed it right! The LED Lights last up to six times longer than other categories of lamps, which compel to reduce the frequent replacements of the lights in homes.

Installing LED Lightening System

Whether you are installing a new LED lightening system in your office or home, you need to take care of a few things to make the right decision. One of which is to install an LED module. Using an LED module goes a long way in illuminating the area and cutting down the power cost at the same time. However, while picking the product, make sure you choose the one that supports the latest technology LED COB. A COB or Chip on Board is the most recent development in LED technology, which uses chips with multiple diodes for functioning. The technology enables a much denser LED array of light as against SMD technology.

In The End

LED lights are cost efficient and can run utilizing less voltage. One must carefully look at the different watts and choose as per the requirement.