GooLED heat sinks were certified by Xicato

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Mingfa Tech has launched GooLED coolers and got certified by Xicato in March, 2015. Here are the item numbers from the systems between Xicato and MingfaTech for these pin fin LED coolers:

Mingfa TechS’ TYPE Number XICATOS’ Series Number
GoolLED-4830, Ø48*H30mm XSA-316
GoolLED-4850, Ø48*H50mm XSA-317
GoolLED-4868, Ø48*H68mm XSA-318
GoolLED-5830, Ø58*H30mm XSA-319
GoolLED-5850, Ø58*H50mm XSA-320
GoolLED-6830, Ø68*H30mm XSA-321
GoolLED-6850, Ø68*H50mm XSA-322
GoolLED-7830, Ø78*H30mm XSA-325
GoolLED-7850, Ø78*H50mm XSA-326
GoolLED-11050, Ø110*H50mm XSA-327
GoolLED-11080, Ø110*H80mm XSA-328


The original design ideal of GooLED coolers comes from Pin Fin heat sinks.   
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GooLED coolers are considered to be among the most powerful heat sink designs available today.
GooLED heat sinks have the following advantages:
1.    Light-weight, lighter than the same size of traditional LED coolers.
2.    High efficiency of heat dissipation comparing to the same size of star heat sinks.
3.    Flexible installation options, suitable for lots of branded COB modules.
Mingfa Tech takes GooLED-XIT-7850 Pin Fin Heat Sink for example:
The thermal data table

Model NO. GooLED-XIT-7850
Size Φ78xH50mm
Material 1070
Finish Black Anodized
Weight(g) 197
Thermal Wattage 24W
HeatsinkΘs-a² 75332
Thermal Resistance (°C/W)² 2.1

Heat sink to ambient temperature rise Ths-amb(°C)
Dissipated Power Pd(W)
Detailed analysis of GooLED
Through the above analysis of the data, Pin fin heat sinks provide very low thermal resistance values per given space and low pressure drop. The cooling capabilities of pin fins stem from the round geometry of the pins, the omnidirectional pin configuration, and the use of highly conductive materials. The smooth round pins reduce resistance to incoming air streams and enhance air turbulence between the pins. The omnidirectional structure maximizes the entrance of fresh air into the pin array and at the same time allows the hot air to exhaust from the pin array in every possible direction. The use of highly conductive materials further reduces the thermal resistance of the heat sinks. Cool Innovations has further enhanced the performance of pin fin heat sinks via the introduction of the splayed and flared pin fin designs. Their unique structure allows them to offer lower thermal resistance values and lower pressure drop per given space.
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