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Cube-90/110/130/160 LED Lighting Housing spot light kits

LED Lighting housing Cube-90/110/130/160; Design for Highbay and horticulture lights 900~5600lm; Rth 1.21~2.7°C/w; Suitable for 8w/10w/15w/25w/30w/35w/40w; Self-taping hole or custom mounting holes for Zhaga book 3 and book 11 LED modules; Standard finish-White anodized.
  • Cube-90/110/130/160

  • Mingfa tech

Cube-90/110/130/160 LED Lighting Housing spot light kits

*  Adopt back mounting board design, suitable for easy installation on the ceiling.

*  Adopt the design of double optical parts to make the lamps and lanterns without glare.

*  Die-cast integrated type lamp body design, easy assembly.

*  The surface can be treated by powder spraying or oil spraying.

*  Suitable for COB or SMD light source, the beam Angle is 50 degrees.

*  The kit includes lamp body, shrapnel, reflector cup and light baffle.

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Cube-90 Lighting Kits  assembly & introduction.pdf

Cube-90 Lighting Kits  Product brief.pdf

Cube-90 Lighting Kits  Drawings & assembly.pdf

Cube-90 Lighting Kits  Thermal Data.pdf

Cube-110 Lighting Kits  assembly & introduction.pdf

Cube-110 Lighting Kits  Product brief.pdf

Cube-110 Lighting Kits  Drawings & assembly.pdf

Cube-110 Lighting Kits  Thermal Data.pdf

Cube-130 Lighting Kits  assembly & introduction.pdf

Cube-130 Lighting Kits  Product brief.pdf

Cube-130 Lighting Kits  Drawings & assembly.pdf

Cube-130 Lighting Kits  Thermal Data.pdf

Cube-165 Lighting Kits  assembly & introduction.pdf

Cube-165 Lighting Kits  Product brief.pdf

Cube-165 Lighting Kits  Drawings & assembly.pdf

Cube-165 Lighting Kits  Thermal Data.pdf