China's lighting industry scale and deep insight into the LED lighting market

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Global LED general lighting has been developing rapidly since 2012, many countries introduced relevant policies to promote its application, China introduced a series of LED lighting application promotion measures, such as "ten city wan light", the national development and reform commission jointly with the housing urban and rural construction ministry, the ministry of transport for semiconductor lighting products application demonstration project bidding, etc., the most attention to the LED lighting lamps and lanterns price subsidy policy has been raised, LED lighting lamps and lanterns has gradually entered a stage of large-scale application.
The personage inside course of study thinks, as the world's most populous and fastest growing economies, China LED lighting application market has huge potential.But at the same time, China's consumption level and the environmental protection consciousness, promote domestic LED lighting applications compared with the developed countries is relatively lagging, in addition to the outdoor lighting such as street light, tunnel light, the potential market of the largest indoor lighting application level and scale is quite limited.
Large scale of China lighting requirements, incandescent bulbs and energy-saving lamps of mainland market demand, respectively, in 2012 to 1.176 billion and 1.269 billion, 2007-2012, the compound annual growth rate reached 7.59%, the straight tube fluorescent lamp market demand for 830 million, market demand for 800 million of the annular fluorescent lamp, halogen tungsten lamp market demand for 755 million.These traditional lighting light source and lamps and lanterns that were the target of the LED lighting lamps and lanterns replacement market, as the ratio of ascension, LED lighting lamps and lanterns will gradually enter the market, bring the huge market space for development.
China lighting industry foundation is strong, is world's largest producer of lighting light source and lamps and lanterns.According to statistics, China lighting association in 2012, the national 3.8 billion incandescent lamp production, fluorescent lamp production in 6.69 billion, straight fluorescent lamps for only 1.83 billion, 1.8 billion ring type fluorescent lamp, CFL44.3 one hundred million only.2012 national production HID lamp 2012, of which 56 million high pressure mercury lamp, high pressure sodium lamp, 54 million, 63 million metal halide lamp.
At the same time, China lighting lamps and lanterns of consumption is mainly composed of domestic production enterprises, import products in the domestic share of less than 5%, while nearly 70% of the domestic production for export.Good foundation not only for the lighting industry LED lighting lamps and lanterns of market application provides a reliable product supply, also the LED lighting industry in mainland China through the scale effect to enhance the LED lighting lamps and lanterns price provides very good support.