Award questionnaire program for new product, act now!

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   Recently, linear lighting offers a enormous prospects across residential, outdoor and architectural applications. And then some coolers are unable to meet high-end scene requirements. In order to develop a new generation coolers for linear lighting and make a breakthrough in normal LED cooler, in order to propel the global LED market, our Mingfa Tech, a thermal solution leading provider which independently R&D LED cooler for high-end LED lighting, are going to make a questionnaire survey. By taking a few minutes to complete this short survey, your will have contributed to lighting industry and your opinion will be solemnly treated, please answer truthfully according to your situation, of course your answer and your massage will be strictly kept secret and be never leaked. 
   To thanks for your time and effort, after filling out the questionnaire, We will draw 10 lucky guys out, free to send out our new product samples to your hands. Sincerely hope to have your support. Thanks. 

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