A Guide To Various Types Of LED Lights

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Summary – With time LED lights have got more advanced, and at present, there are plenty of varieties and variations of these lights. Let us get to know about a few of them.

LED lights are a great energy saving alternative to traditional incandescent bulbs. Used as light fixtures, accent lighting, outdoor spotlights, track lighting and a lot more, LED lights have become much more advanced in past few years, and this had given rise of multiple varieties of LEDs.

Let us get to know about a few of these varieties.

LED Corn Bulbs

These bulbs got their name due to the similarity to an ear of corn of the cob. They are a collection of 80-180 tiny LED lights arranged and put together to produce bright light. Its average lifespan is around three years, and they are a good choice for an energy efficient and low maintenance LED product.


COB stands for ‘chips on board.’ As the name suggests, LED COB are multi-LED chips packed together as one lighting module. It is a new technology of LED packaging used for LED light engine. It looks like a lighting panel when lights up.

LED-G Bulbs

LED-G bulbs are best option for those people who do not prefer candle bulb. They are used in chandeliers, bathroom strip lighting, ceiling fans and lanterns. They are the most common variety of LED lamps and are an energy efficient choice for homes, offices, and shops.

R7S LED Lamps

R7S LED lamps are linear shape lamps that are widely used as outdoor flood lights, landscape lights, parking lights, security lights, and decorative lamps. They come in different size and powers.

LED Panel Lights

LED panel lights standard quality indoor lighting lamps. Made of aluminum alloy, the light comes in simple design and appearance with impressive illumination effects. They come in different powers and own capacity of lighting homes for thousands of hours. Provided with recessed ring and clamping springs, they are very easy to install.

LED Track Lights

Track lights are very useful in lighting up a big area without too many wiring or fixtures. On single track of such type of lights contains multiple lights. They look very stylish and fits well with any single room of home. They come in different size, shape, and color.

Use any type of LED and make your home and workplace energy efficient.