0-Risk Guarantee

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      All MingfaTech’s clients enjoy 100% Guarantee Satisfaction during cooperation:


1. MingfaTech implements 100% refund policy on samples if unsatisfied by clients.

2. MingfaTech implements 100% free-recall policy for those defective parts if from bulk orders.

3. MingfaTech will refund 100% to clients if they are unsatisfied with MingfaTech’s thermal solution advice and provide three more designs free of charge as remedy.

4. MingfaTech will offer extra free samples for clients’ thermal solution purpose if they want after 100% refund.

5. MingfaTech will bear the freight cost (CIF Port) if the agreed lead time was postponed caused by MingfaTech’s production schedule but without prior notice to clients.

6. MingfaTech accepts order cancellation at any time if clients think the cost ratio is below 100%.

7. MingfaTech accepts order cancellation within 3 days after order confirmed and order update request within 7 days without extra cost.