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LED Coolers for Philips

Lighting systems from Philips help people feel comfortable, productive, and safe. They beautify spaces and transform environments. Their lighting systems combine world-class traditional and LED luminaires with analog and digital controls that let you to deliver exactly the right illumination experiences, whenever and wherever you need them.
As leaders in the LED technology revolution, they create lighting systems that prioritize energy efficiency, sustainability, and operational cost reduction. They focus on improving the livability and effectiveness of indoor and outdoor environments, providing everything from functional general illumination to spectacular color-changing experiences that enhance your brand, encourage social interactions, and revitalize communities.
Mingfa Tech developed an extensive range of passive pin fin and star LED coolers as well as active cooling solutions which are thermally validated for the Philips Fortimo SLM and DLM LED modules under various driving currents and ambient temperatures.
We can guarantee passive off-the-shelf solutions all the way up to 5000 lumen. This not only eliminates life time risks of the active component, but makes that luminaries designers can use a simple constant current LED driver instead of the much more expensive drivers with dual output for the LED module and the active cooler. If you want to need assistance on your lighting design, please let us know. We will offer our best solution that you want.