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LED Coolers for Nichia

Established in 1956 in Japan and with "Ever Researching for a Brighter World" as its motto, Nichia has grown in the field of manufacturing and sales of fine chemicals, particularly inorganic luminescent materials (phosphors). In the process of the challenging pursuit of brighter luminescent and light-emitting materials, they succeeded in developing and commercializing the super high brightness Blue LED in 1993. It was accepted with great amazement in the related industries throughout the world. Since the first announcement of the Blue LED in 1993, Nitride-based LEDs in different emission colors ranging from Ultraviolet to Yellow have been contributing to the diversification of LED application fields.
Nichia has a wide selection of LED lighting suitable for general lighting applications that requires good color rendering, high luminous efficacy and long lifetime. They include downlight, street light, spotlight High Bay and so on. Mingfa Tech can provide thermal solution for all of these lightings. Our five series of heat sinks are all compatible with Nichia’s LED lighting. Mingfa Tech not only provides thermal solution, but also makes the design of LED lighting more beautiful and elegant. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you want good thermal management for your lighting with Nichia LED.